About us

YouElect is an independent not for profit NGO primarily focused on highlighting key concerns affecting the rights and the role of BME communities in the UK. We raise awareness of important issues discussed within the spheres of politics and academia. 

In addition to this, YouElect aims to increase the representation of the British BME population within politics and the media through promoting political participation and encouraging the pursuit of careers within these fields.

BME communities currently make up more than 14% of the British population, despite this, these communities are severely under-represented within the political system, with just 6% of MPs coming from BME backgrounds. Employment levels among BME communities are also a cause for concern considering that young people from BME backgrounds are 17% more likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts.

By raising issues such as these with key decision makers, YouElect aims to ensure that British BME communities are not overlooked and are instead given the tools and support needed to redress the socio economic inequalities and barriers that currently exist within British society.